Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ode to the renaissance mom

This blog represents my ode to the renaissance mom (in prose form, of course; I wouldn't torture you with my poetry. At least, not yet). Like the Italian "Renaissance Man" of the 14th to 17th century, the Renaissance Mom strives to, or can't help but, become proficient in multiple arenas of life. The original Renaissance Man was a poet, artist, swordsman, scientist, linguist, horseman, musician, and so on. The Renaissance Mom of the 21st century might be a poet, artist, and swordswoman (okay, that's a stretch); or a writer, a runner, a chef; or a scrapbooker, a teacher, and a caregiver. My own mother might deny it, but she is a true renaissance mom. Many of my friends and sisters, not all mothers, are nevertheless all renaissance women.

The trouble with the renaissance life is that the learning never ends, and while the renaissance man typically had both wealth and leisure sufficient to pursue endless excellence in his studies of choice, the renaissance mom fights tight budgets, narrow deadlines, sick kids, red tape, late nights, entrepreneurial spouses, and other challenges along her path of learning. In that respect, I hold the renaissance mom in greater esteem: she achieves excellence in the face of great obstacles. Further, I think we renaissance women need quite a bit more encouragement in our efforts. So this is to you, women of many hats. May you become the beautiful, multi-talented, well-rounded, fulfilled women that God designed you to be. In other words, you go, girl.

Check out this incredible YouTube collage of women in art spanning hundreds of years and artists! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUDIoN-_Hxs


Smiller said...

I feel inspired. How about a nap?

Karen Reyburn said...

I love you, my beautiful, talented, wise, Godly sister! YOU go , Girl! ;)

Strength and honour! (Prov 31:25)

The Duseks said...

I love your ode to the renaissance mom. Thanks for recognizing us of many hats. Look forward to more of your posts.


janice said...

I was wondering when your writing would keep pace with your living... as you know, you are my inspiration sis!

Janice :)